Double Bass

Thomastik Spirocore Bass

Flexible multiwire spiral rope core. Less inertia, longer period of musical vibration. Equally effective when playing arco or pizzicato. Highly responsive, long lasting. SPIROCORE strings, widely recognized as “the reference standard”, are legendary for distinctive tone and playability.

Thomastik Dominant Bass

The DOMINANT string is a highly flexible, multi-strand synthetic core string for tonal warmth and feel of gut and is impervious to changes in humidity, allowing for stable intonation and long life. The sound is soft, clear and rich in overtones.

Thomastik Superflexible Bass

Steel rope core reduces stiffness and improves elasticity. Excellent purity of open fifths. Unsurpassed durability and tuning stability. Dependable all-around string.

Thomastik Belcanto bass

BELCANTO BASS is an arco double bass string with an unique steel rope core design. It has a dark and warm tone with excellent resonance and a wide range of tone colours. Quick bow response for Classic. Natural pizzicato sound for Jazz.

Thomastik Präzision Bass

Solid steel core string with brilliance in tone and feel which is very durable and a budget solution for players in all fields.