Folk and Ethno

Thomastik Oud

The plain trebles and are manufactured from specially treated synthetic material. The low strings have a multi-strand synthetic core and are wound with finest silver plated copper wire. The third string can be supplied either plain (312) or wound (317). The string’s undamped resonance is long and rich. Its strong higher partials give the player advantages in all registers.

Thomastik Cavaquinho

Plucked lute of Portugal and Brazil, midway between a guitar and a mandolin. Its four metal strings are tuned d‘-h‘-g‘-d“. Our strings are long lasting high performance and a well balanced sound.

Thomastik Tenor Banjo

Long lasting 4 string set with great tuning stability and sweet sound.

Thomastik Erhu

Our erhu strings have become the strings of choice for concert performances for many professional erhu players, students and educators.

Thomastik Bluegrass Banjo

Thomastik-Infeld 5-string banjo string sets are specially designed to give excellent tuning stability, even when bending notes or using D-tuners.

Thomastik Mandolin · mandola

The strings are flat wound on chrome steel and highly polished except the plain E-string of the Mandolin set, which is made of tin plated silver steel. They have a steel core made of special alloy with high elasticity and durability. The sound of the Mandolin strings is clear and brilliant. The Mandola strings are particulary smooth, round and voluminous. All strings are easy in handling and have a long life span.

Thomastik Vienna sound | kontragitarre bass

Traditional “Kontragitarre” is played in Vienna, Thomastik-Infeld’s hometown and is a major part of local “Schrammel Music”. The “Kontragitarre Bass” strings emphasize the soft sound of this instrument. These strings are round-wound with silverplated copper wire of highest quality and employ a nylon core.