ZakMusic CA305

ZakMusic CC320-1

ZakMusic DF050

Height 940-1420 mm
Book Plate Size 475(W)x345(D) mm
material Steel
Inner box 36x12x64cm(1pc)
Master Carton 63x37x67cm(5pcs)
weight 4kg(Inner box / 1pc)

ZakMusic CC328

ZakMusic CC309-1

ZakMusic SF509

Height can be adjusted freely. After the wrench locked tightly, the stand can be opened directly.
Scale helps to adjust the height.
Clip can hold the disassembled horizontal bar.
Elegant contour; less welding.

ZakMusic CXA003

ZakMusic CB106

ZakMusic DF168B

Adjustable Heigh: 920-1300 mm
Weight: 1.2kg
Material: Steel
Inner box: 75×85×750mm
Master Carton: 330×280×405mm(1:6)

ZakMusic CB304

ZakMusic CC625

ZakMusic DF179

Plate Size: 170x70mm
Material: Plastic
Inner box: 100x75x125mm(1pcs)
Master Carton: 130x300x520mm(12pcs)
Weight: 0.15kg

ZakMusic CB301

ZakMusic CC167M

ZakMusic DF178

Plate Size: 250x200mm
Material: Plastic
Inner box: 100x200x250mm
Master Carton: 520x420x270mm(1:10)