SL 900

These amplifiers offer high, stable power output and a high efficiency factor on the high performance level and are therefore the ideal choice for driving a multitude of mobile and club systems. SL series power amplifiers are equipped with a comprehensive protection package and dynamic limiters.

2 x 450 W Power Amplifier

Solid DYNACORD amplifier technology at highly competitive prices.

The integrated, switchable Low-Pass Notch filter (a typical DYNACORD special feature) corrects the frequency response and optimizes the transient behaviour of loudspeakers.

Maximum Output Power, Single Channel @ 2Ω 450Watts
Voltage Gain, ref. 1 kHz 32.0dB
Maximum Input Level +21dBu (8.69Vrms)
Frequency Response, ref. 1 kHz 10Hz…40kHz (±1dB)
Output Stage Topology Class AB
Weight Net 12.6kg (27.78 lbs)
Channels 2
Dimensions 483 x 88.1 x 421.5
Input Sensitivity, rated power @ 8 Ω, 1 kHz +2,2dBu (1,0Vrms)
Maximum Bridged Output Power, THD = 1%, 1 kHz 4Ω - 1300W, 8Ω - 900W
Maximum Midband Output Power, THD = 1%, 1 kHz, Dual Channel 2Ω - 650W, 4Ω - 450W, 8Ω - 270W
Maximum Single Channel Output Power, Dynamic-Headroom, IHF-A 2Ω - 1150W, 4Ω - 660W, 8Ω - 350W