The Korg Pa500 is the younger sibling to the Pa800 and the Pa2XPro. Its technology is based on the same EDS (Extended Definition Synthesis) engine as its predecessors, providing 80 voices of polyphony, 880 editable sounds, a full pallet of effects and more than 320 preloaded Styles. The Pa500 uses the same synthesis engine found in the Korg M3.

Korg's Style programmes are produced by leading arrangers from around the world. Each Style follows the player's timing, voice leading and chord changes to create musical performances in real time. Styles on the Pa500 feature up to eight parts, four variations, three intros/count-ins, three fills/breaks and three endings.

Korg is also keen to highlight the keyboard's guitar mode. This enables you to create guitar parts for your Style by choosing a chord and capo position, then adding realistic picking patterns, strums, chokes, slides, hammer-ons and other guitar techniques.