The optional PaAS is a high-fidelity speaker/amplification bar specifically designed to connect directly to the Pa3x (61 and 76 key models). Useful for both home and on-stage monitoring, the PaAS uses KORG’s “Easy Connect” system: no additional support, no cables, no power supply needed to deliver a crisp and clean full sound.

A Sound System Made for Your Pa3X or Pa4X!

The Korg PaAS is an optional 3-channel PA / amplification system made specifically for the company's Pa3X and Pa4X 61- and 76-key arranger workstations. The PaAS sports five speakers in total: two tweeters, two midrange, and a woofer. The PaAS is extremely simple to connect - there's just a single cable that carries both the power and audio signal from your keyboard to the PaAS. And weighing in at a svelte 12.57 pounds, you'll also find the PaAS effortless to position. Get the most out of your keyboard with the Korg PaAS.

Korg PaAS PA / Amplification System for Pa3X and Pa4x at a Glance:

  • Made to go with your Korg Pa3X or Pa4X keyboard
  • Get optimal sound from your keyboard
  • Easy, one-cable connection

Made to go with your Korg Pa3X or Pa4X keyboard

The Korg PaAS 3-channel PA / amplification system is made for your Korg Pa3X or Pa4X, so its stylish aluminum case matches your keyboard perfectly. And the PaAS's attractive contemporary styling fits perfectly in today's tasteful interiors.