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MD300 is a 1 x 1 MIDI-USB Cable. MIDI port features one IN and OUT, Connect to the PC or Mac via the USB interface and especially compatible with the Windows XP and OS X.



Suspending bar for HDL20-A line array system. Stack bar included. - FLY BAR PICKUP HDL 20 included. - 3 pins included - 1 stack bar included



In 1997 Soundcraft launched the Spirit FX16 which immediately became popular with its 16 direct outputs and built-in effects unit in wide ranging applications. 10 years later Soundcraft has given the FX16 an overhaul bringing it in...

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Zak Music Co, has been founded in 1999 in Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan region of Iraq to develop the art quality, from the beginning we start making relations with all of the media and arts foundations in Kurdistan and Iraq ...

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