Offering Yamaha's renowned quality at an affordable price, the JU109 is a popular choice for many students who are just starting to learn how to play the piano.

Accuracy and reliability

Precision virbeli (pegs) and virbelbank (kolkovaya board) of its own design are manufactured in accordance with high Yamaha quality standards, in order to ensure durability and accuracy of settings.

Keys from natural fir

Yamaha uses fir wood to make keys in all piano models. This wood is very light and has an excellent ratio of weight and strength. It is ideal for making keys.
Yamaha keyboard is characterized by excellent responsiveness, facilitating the execution of fast passages, even in the most complex compositions. In addition, the use of high-quality materials allows it to withstand even the years of expressive play "fortissimo."

Yamaha Balanced Mechanics

Each Yamaha piano key is carefully controlled and calibrated according to strict standards. Balancing the keyboard allows you to achieve a uniform tone of the instrument in the entire range, as well as excellent sensitivity.

Frame V-Pro

In the manufacture of cast iron frame JU109, vacuum molding technology V-Pro (Vacuum Shield Mold Process) is used. This technology allows you to manufacture parts with much greater accuracy. V-Pro frames differ not only in attractive appearance, but also in increased reliability.

Metal Rails (Action Rails)

Yamaha engineers have developed an advanced unique projected Aluminum Alloy Action Rail - one of the most significant innovations in the improvement of the piano mechanism over the past 100 years. Wooden slats are less stable and unstable due to the change of seasons, while the use of aluminum alloy provides the possibility of stable and long-term adjustment of the sensitivity of the keys.