C516 ML

The C516 ML professional miniature instrumental microphone, part of the MicroMics family, is designed for use on accordions, pianos, guitar speakers and keyboard/organ cabinets. Using two C516 MLs (one on the bass and one on the treble side) and an optional B29 L battery power supply is the ideal way to mic up an accordion. The C516 ML comes with a wide variety of mounting materials, such as screws, adhesive pads and adapter plates, for easy installation on the instrument or amp.

Audio frequency bandwidth 60 - 20000 Hz
Equivalent noise level 31 dB-A
Sensitivity 5 mV/Pa
Signal to Noise 63 dB-A
Electrical impedance 200 Ohms
Recommended load impedance 2000 Ohms
Polar Patterns Cardioid
Voltage 2 to 12 V
Current 2 mA
Project Studio Yes
Live Instrument Yes
Width 47 mm
Height 235 mm
Net Weight 46 g
Body metal
Finish matte black
Type Mini XLR
Gender Female
Contacts 3-pin
Guitar Amps / Bass Amps Yes
Piano / Strings Yes