It may be easily installed and meet both the musician's and the sound company's requirements. They are the ideal choice for those who constantly work both in large and medium venues, who require a versatile system and who wish to expand their own PA.

In all three models, two independent MosFet amps for the high and low frequencies, along with two active processors and an electronic cross-over, allow to optimize the frequency response and the sound performance even at low sound levels, while ensuring clarity and power at higher volumes.
The frequency response of the model T18A extends so deeply into the lower octaves that the bass quality is full and engaging without the need for subwoofers.
High quality components, custom designed to our specifications two class AB MosFet power amplifiers. Output power: 500 W continuous, 670 W peak (350 + 150 W continuous, 450 + 220 W peak), two independent processors.
A high slope electronic active crossover (24dB/oct., Linkwitz-Riley).